I Want Your Love And I Want Your Revenge....

I Don't Want To Be Friends, I Want Your Bad Romance

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why do i keep a journal nobody reads? cuz i'm weird lol
well things are looking on the up and up, well kinda sorta. i'm working again at walmart, things are going good with mario. he came back since i last wrote. long story, don't really want to get into it in this post. i have to sleep soon. still searching for that special someone, to make my life worth living. no takers yet. still. how many years have i been single? fuck. 3 years now. it kills me, but i have my fun. it gets lonely though, and playing the game is exhausting. wtever. i need to focus on me anyways. boys are no longer my priority, they are just toys. fun on the side. the one i want doesn't want to have a normal relationship and wants to stick around, so why not. i got nothing else going anyway. i can't help thinking of that one saying though. "if ur not shittin' then get off the pot." it's like he's been constipated for 3 years. he's weird, but i love him. i'll let him stick around until i find something better to sink my teeth into. eventually he's going to have to choose me or beat it. if someone decides they want me, i'm not going to let him fuck up my chances of a relationship just cuz he's indecisive. supposedly leo and aquarius aren't a good match anyways. but then supposedly the zodiac changed, idk wtf i gotta look into that lol. still carless, but working. still alone, but alive and well. even if occasionally hungry. i live on.


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