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I Don't Want To Be Friends, I Want Your Bad Romance

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as if things couldn't get any worse in life
well i got a letter from the unemployment saying that they're going to call me to ask me questions pertaining to my eligibility for unemployment benefits. that means they're calling me almost the end of this month and my rent is due every 15th so i might not get money (if i'm even getting any money) in time for my rent to be on time. great. and then i post a little tidbit on facebook that it's time to start worrying and you ever have that know-it-all friend who thinks they just know the answer to everything? well she starts trying to tell me well why did you do that when you could've done this, and it pisses me off because i've always had to take care of myself. i've paid my own bills always worked and lived on my own. she lives with mommy and daddy and doesn't have to pay all the shit i pay. she doesn't have to completely support herself. she also has a boyfriend to help her with anything if she ever needed it. i have NO ONE. i make my own decisions and i have to rely on myself and those decisions that i make and their outcome. i have no one to lean on or advise me but me. if i make the wrong decision, then that's my problem and i have to deal with it. it's not for anyone to say you made the wrong decision or you should've done this, because i thought that was best for me in the present time. who are you to say it was wrong? or i'm wrong? when you're on your own taking care of yourself, then you can tell me shit. right now, you're in no place because you don't know what it's like to have nothing and no one and to be on your own with no help. so shut the fuck up seriously, because you don't know how hard it is. life's never been hard for you. you don't know what it's like to live my life and be me, and go through what i've been through. the biggest tragedy in your life was your dad cheating on your mom big whoop, and they're still together. so when you know what a shitty life is like, then you can talk to me.
love Sarah


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