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another ignored yet cataloged day...
well today was very very hot. insert duh! here. i sweated and smelled like it, worked my 8 hours. back to the register, which i missed say prince charming. managed to keep my cool and not explode with happiness. i managed not to shake and get too nervous. i was quite composed. still can't help feeling like my heart is going to beat out of my chest and fall at his feet. having people around to take my mind off the fact really helps. right now tony is upstairs watching his little brother, while i type away, awaiting sleep. i have to go to work at 7 tomorrow. it's going to be a long day. another 8 hours. i have to remember to make another dmv appt. i can't believe i failed the fucking driving test twice. this is my last chance i think. anyway, missy the hamster is running around in her hamster ball, she loves it. skitty loves watching her even though i know she wants to eat her. but she's too dumb to ever figure out how to get the hamster out of the ball. though i am sure she tries hard with her kitty mind to think of a way. all i've been doing is working, sleeping, shopping with mom. visiting mom. hanging out alot with my mom lately. never a bad thing. i love her, though sometimes we argue about stuff or driving with her frustrates me. i can't wait to get my license and a radio in my car so i can go cruising around by myself or with tony. though i doubt he would go. i could cruise with omar i bet. but getting stopped by the cops without a license is the only thing holding me back. besides, who wants to cruise without music? but i have so many things to take care of. my insurance and my tags and blah blah. registering it in my name. so much money. the radio will have to be the last thing. should have been the first. tomorrow i'm going to be all rested for the early morning, grab some starbucks and be pretty and peppy at work. i'm usually only one or the other. damn it's already almost one. i didn't expect to go to sleep so late. but then it's good because if i go to sleep too early i tend to wake up in the middle of night and then can't get back to sleep. so it's all good. i guess that's life right now. it could be so much better, but as of right now. it's all good.
love Sarah


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