I Want Your Love And I Want Your Revenge....

I Don't Want To Be Friends, I Want Your Bad Romance

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sharp disaster in a fresh new coma
well since no one i know in real life reads this, i can always let loose when i really have something to say. but it's not one of those days today. i'm just bored, passing time. i discovered a new band, paramore, which i am slowly obsessing over. love the singer. love her hair. going to buy the cd once i get money. my birthday was great, but today was crap. don't you just hate when people are just assholes? not like something made them that way, that's just they way they are. complete dicks 24/7 for absoutely no reason. at least no reason for them to take it out on you. i hate those kind of people. tomorrow i have the day off, and i'm glad, so i don't have to deal with the bitch i speak of. annoying. things like people not liking be or being dicks to me used to make me want to cry. now they just piss me off and i strive to rid the world of them. now i just give them the finger and keep on walking. ignore them if i can't get them out of my sight. i am sad that i never find the time to type down my thoughts anymore. i guess i just feel like no one listens. most people know about myspace, not livejournal. it is easier to make friends there. but i don't write my thoughts, because anyone can see them, friends or family. i'd rather a stranger know of my thoughts, rather than someone who i know. besides if one of them makes me mad, where will my thoughts go then? i come here. i can write freely. for my thoughts, fuck myspace. it is for me to pass the time, find old friends. this is my sanctuary where i can write what i'm feeling and know i won't hear anything about it the next day. i know i won't be judged. i just wish more people would say hello. or how are you. once in a while. i promise i will try to update more.:) promise.
love Sarah


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