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i love a good party
well here i am forced awake by the world. it sucks. i wish that when i was sleepy i could shut out the world and hear nothing. just sleep peacefully without interruptions. that would be so nice. but anyway, here i am with the cave door closed alone. i like it that way. i feel like fiona apple today. today is issac's birthday party, and i can't wait. it's going to be so much fun. i can't wait to go eat. i'm tired of being hungry around here. being bored. but i have to wait till 4. i'm debating whether or not to drink while i'm there. i think maybe i won't. i hope frank will be there too, by himself like that one time. but whether he shows up or not, i'll have fun. i just miss him sometimes. i always miss hector and susie and issac and adam when i leave their parties. i just love them so much and i want to stay and live with them and never leave and always feel the happiness that i feel when i am with them. but at least i can feel that happiness every party i go to. i love it. hector's funny when he's drunk and i love to sing with susie. i love how they give me the stage and want me to sing for them every party. right now i'm just kicking back and enjoying my day off. i should go i have to get ready and finish reading my magazine. :)
love Sarah


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